Eco Price Promise

The time is here, in the background the Visionclean Eco Team have been working tirelessly to provide you with our Eco Price Promise! 

Since we began our relationship with the World Wildlife Foundation Cymru, it has been our mission to become a market leader in eco friendly cleaning! Both as a business & individuals we understand the importance of our accountability to the planet, therefore our necessity to protect it.

With the release of the Visionclean Eco Price Promise we believe that has brought us one step closer. Whilst other cleaning firms hike up the price of eco friendly cleaning to increase their profits, Visionclean endevour to provide the opposite. Price Match. We hope this will allow you, the customer, the choose the green cleaning options without a negative impact to your business running costs….


If you are interested in our Price Promise then please get in touch via email or call us on 0808 1925326


In the ever changing landscape of commercial cleaning, Vision Clean have one clear directive… to become Wales’ & the UK’s NO.1 provider of Eco Friendly or Green cleaning.

If you are not familiar with these terms here is a quick recap….. our environment is suffering, the harmful chemical cleaning products that many Commercial Cleaning Companies exclusively use is one of many factors leading to this damage. Our Eco Friendly cleaning products from Delphis Eco DO NOT damage the environment in any way!! They are safe, harmless, non toxic to the world around us, your staff and mine.

With our strong Eco ethos we felt it of the utmost importance to make it more cost friendly for our clients to take advantage of green cleaning products, and practices…. this is where our new ECO PRICE PROMISE was born! The mission to reduce the financial impact to YOUR business.

Vision Clean Eco Clean For No Extra

You did read us right! Here at Vision Clean we have worked tirelessly to provide a cost friendly eco friendly cleaning service for all of our customers.

Our eco cleaning service, is smart, green and clean! Cleaning green means using no harmful chemical products, safer for you, safer for the environment. How does this effect your bill??? Zero increase! That is how much you bill will change with our Eco Challenge promise.

Simply put at Vision Clean we will clean your workplace/social environment using entirely green products for absolutely no extra cost to YOU!

Yes. We are specialists in this area, yes we do you completely certified Eco Friendly products unlike some cleaning companies claiming too. Unsure still just check out some of our clients already enjoying the service like World Wildlife Foundation Wales who will only accept green products!


A clean and healthy workplace is proven to add value to your business. Maybe we can help you?

Diane Rees

In my role as operations director, I work closely with our teams of cleaning staff to manage the day to get day cleaning services we provide. One of my main focuses is to ensure we maintain a high standard of cleaning across all our contracts large or small and liaise with customers for feedback.

Evan Rees – Managing Director

As the managing director, I am responsible for the continued growth of Visionclean. I work closely with my team and our customers to ensure that we continue to provide a value for money proposition. I am also responsible for the development and roll out of our new EcoClean strategy. And it is my goal to bring a healthier safer approach to commercial cleaning in the south Wales region.

The Eco Challenge

As part of Visioncleans new Ecoclean services, we have launched our Eco Challenge to help people change their approach to cleaning.


The first thing most people assume, when you mention environmentally friendly cleaning, is that it will cost them far too much to consider. So the Eco Challenge is our way of showing people how with Visionclean Eco this doesn’t have to be the case. When we visit your premises we will do a comparison of costs, comparing conventional chemical cleaning products and methods with safer Environmentally Friendly cleaning products and methods. The people who have taken the Eco Challenge so far have been extremely surprised and pleased, even when comparing us with their existing providers.

Finally, as part of the Challenge, we will also be giving discount for the first three month, if you sign for Ecoclean for a two year contract.


Visionclean introduces Eco Cleaning service

Despite the need for the world to be environmentally conscious the commercial cleaning sector in the UK for the most part seem to be ignoring the call to stand up and be counted. Apart from a very small number of specialist cleaning companies offering a full Eco cleaning service, most UK commercial cleaning companies remain non environmentally friendly or worse still play lip service to being green and use some Eco cleaning products without embarrassing the whole concept properly. This results in many regions of the UK not having full environmentally friendly cleaning services available.


As a result of testing products and cleaning methods over the last nine months Visionclean has now taken the first steps towards becoming the main environmentally friendly cleaning provider in the South Wales region. Managing Director Evan Rees explains, “at Visionclean we have been planning this move for sometime and after discussions on this subject with one of our clients WWF Cymru we have started the process of change. At this stage we continue to provide conventional cleaning for those who are not ready to commit to our new service and for a few sectors where regulatory requirements call for certain categories of products to be used.” We believe it is our responsibility to embrace the changing world and find the safest alternatives to conventional chemical cleaners to contribute to improving the environment, but also in our research we have discovered there is so much more to providing an Eco clean service than just changing products.”

Evan continues ” We have spent considerable time and money looking not only at products, but at cleaning methods and additional services to perfect a whole new ethos for our company and our staff. Also we are introducing as part of this our service, where appropriate, advice to customers on ways to improve air quality and manage bacteria hotspots to reduce the impact on health.”

Also as part of this initiative, Visionclean have introduced the Eco Challenge which is our commitment to helping businesses to afford the transition to a healthy working environment for all. This challenge offers to do comparative quotes comparing a cost/benefit analysis. In addition Visionclean will provide incentives to customers to ensure the economic impact is minimised.

So looking forward Visionclean it appears that the company is going from strength to strength and will continue to develop new ideas and using EcoClean methods to assist companies to become better environments for employers and customers alike.

New Website

Vision Clean’s new website forms part of the companies forward thinking and dynamic strategy to develop in to one of the largest regional cleaning companies in the UK.

With our focus on building staff relationships to enable continuity and reliability with our existing customers but also to ensure a good quality working environment for our staff, we are introducing a unique section on cleaning company websites, Staff Testimonials of those people that work for us and feel they are part of our team are looked after and have asked if they can tell the world what they think. We are pleased to do this as it demonstrates our relationship with the businesses most valuable assets.

This whole development leads Vision Clean towards its 10th anniversary in 2017, and will form a part of our overall strategy to grow the company dramatically over the next couple of years and onwards.

The full new website will be relaunched in November 2016.


After nine years of developing Vision Clean, we are not only established but growing rapidly and to demonstrate that we have begun the process of re-branding the business to demonstrate the young and dynamic team that are committed to our growth.

As part of that re-branding we have a fresh and modern look with a new logo that you will gradually see on our new website, literature and business cards. This move is to form part of Vision Cleans development into becoming one of the most successful cleaning companies in  South Wales and south-west of England

Social Media

With the launch of the new website at the start of May, Vision Clean is broadening the ways we communicate with our customers, potential customers and staff.  For the last few years we have successfully employed Facebook as a medium to recruit new staff. Now we intend to develop a range of other social media to take this a step further.

We believe in making it as easy as possible for customers to know what Vision does and can offer them, as well as making it as straight forward to contact us. So we will be utilizing Twitter, and LinkedIn to begin this process. So watch this space.